Tuesday, April 22, 2014

HS Insiders Podcast on ESPN NH - Pembroke Basketball Controversy

The story that everyone in New Hampshire is talking about right now is Pembroke Academy boys basketball. Pembroke has won back-to-back D-II state titles, going 43-1 during that span. They successfully petitioned up to play Division I, but the D-I A.D.'s and principals are refusing to put them onto the schedule.

Earlier today I spoke to Pinkerton Athletic Director Tim Powers about the issue, while Pembroke head coach Matt Alosa was not able to be reached for comment. Then I joined host Nick Anastos on ESPN New Hampshire's HS Insiders program on Tuesday evening to discuss the topic. Click play below to hear the podcast.

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  1. It is all about the parents and the addresses. If the parents are moving into the Pembroke area to play basketball I do not have an issue with it. Just as I would not have an issue if the school had a good Algebra or Biology teacher. The team is being blamed for parents who are just trying to give their child a better situation in a field that may or may not get them into college. Enforce the borders, punish the families that get caught cheating the system and play ball!

  2. Great segment. You both addressed the issues clearly and the conclusion is that there is not a fair or level playing field.

    1. how do you determine a fair playing field? Give them all trophies? What happened to competition in sports?

      I know for a fact that these teams take care of each other while they are scheduling. If a team does not want to play a specific opponent, then they will not meet. The sounds pretty fair to me.

  3. Nick, Trinity is a private school and is not subject to recruiting rules. This is nothing more than sour grapes and past history being used against Pembroke. And the only people that lose out will be the kids from PA. It won't be the NHIAA, the principals, the AD's or the coach's, nope just the kids...