Friday, April 18, 2014

Torres Transfers to Proctor

Amanda Torres was the only sophomore in girls basketball this past season to make Division I first team all-state. She had numerous games scoring 20+ points, and led Trinity to an 11-7 regular season record and a trip to the D-I quarterfinals. Torres had such a great sophomore year she has decided to do it again. The explosive, talented 5-foot-7 point guard is transferring to Proctor Academy, where she will repeat her sophomore year and reclassify to the Class of 2017.

"Deciding to go to Proctor was never really a difficult decision to make" Torres told the NH Notebook. "I know Proctor was going to benefit me tremendously. My reasons to transfer are not just about athletics. Proctor has great academics and I feel that this is where I need to be for my future. Proctor has many opportunities for me and there wasn’t any way I could give them away."

Torres has been training with TJ Thompson, who coaches the DC Blue Devils AAU program and plays professionally in Europe. Thompson has been instrumental in Torres' development as a player.

"Another reason this was such an easy decision was I had the full support of TJ Thompson" explained Torres. "He has been there for me no matter what and has really been a huge help in this process. He has taught me a lot on and off the court, I can’t thank him enough. He has helped me have such a good sophomore year at Trinity. He has been there for no matter what and he has helped my game get to the level I am at today. He is really an amazing player and person and I couldn’t ask for a better role model. I really appreciate everything he does for me. He has helped my game and also grow as a person.

Proctor Competes in the NEPSAC (New England Prep School Athletic Conference) and is located in NH's Lakes Region in Andover. It is a competitive league both academically and for basketball. Proctor had an up and down season last year but has a strong core of returning talent.

"On my tours to Proctor I right away felt welcomed and loved the campus" Torres pointed out. "The basketball team was a huge help and were extremely nice and supportive the whole time and this really made me like the school. I felt like the coach could really benefit me and when I first met with her she was extremely supportive and I knew Proctor had to be in my future. Lastly I think Proctor will help me reach my full potential on the basketball court but most importantly in the classroom. Going into Proctor, I was a little on edge about going to prep, I was very concerned I wasn’t going to like it but after my tour of Proctor I was never surer that this is where I need to be going to school. Everyone there is so helpful and nice and really made me feel like I belong.

Torres is playing for the Rivals Basketball Club on the AAU circuit this year, and one of Proctor's top players Eleme Colome also plays for the Rivals. Look for Torres and Colome to form one of the most feared back courts in the NEPSAC over the next couple years, with both being potential scholarship players.

"I am very excited to play with Colome" said Torres. "I first met her around October and she was extremely nice and really helped me. She toured me around, help me meet people. I have seen her play many times and she is a great player and I cannot wait to join her on the court. I definitely love seeing her during the Rivals and watching her play."

While Torres is excited to start playing up at Proctor, she is already tearing it up with the Rivals and is looking forward to the rest of the spring / summer playing with them.

"I am very excited for this upcoming AAU season" Torres said. "We have already had three tournaments and they have gone very well. I love having the chance to play with the 9th and 10th grade teams and the competition is definitely extremely good and it makes me have to work extremely hard. I’m also looking forward to our trip to North Carolina and many others where we will be playing some very tough, amazing teams. I’m definitely happy to be pushed this year to my full potential. I still have a very long way to go but this is my start. I’ve been pushing myself a lot lately and hitting up the gym every day. With working out with TJ and all the great tournaments and practices Scott has, I am extremely excited to have a hard working summer and put my name out there."

Torres' transfer is Proctor's gain but at the same time is a big loss for Trinity. The Pioneers went 11-7 last year with only 1 senior on the roster. They were loaded with young, up and coming talent this year. And with most of the other top teams in D-I graduating key players they would have been a sure fire Final Four team if Torres had stuck around.

"It wasn’t really ever a tough decision to leave because I knew Proctor needed to be in my future. Trinity has been good to me for the two years I’ve been there. It’s an amazing school but I think I definitely can see myself more at Proctor. It wasn’t a tough decision but at the same time we did have an amazing young team and this next year would have been my best friend Hope Willard, senior year. So not playing with her always came into my mind but I always knew Proctor was what is best for me. The Trinity coach and I definitely had our ups and downs over the years but he had a lot of confidence in me and let me play how I like to play and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me. Missing my teammates will be hard because we all had a good connection on the court and played well together but I know I will be able to find this next year."

The parade of top local basketball players from the NHIAA to the NEPSAC continues...

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