Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BST Prospect Series Event Recap - Class of 2016

The BST Basketball Prospect Camp Series continued last week with their workout / showcase for the Class of 2016. This is a very deep and talented class. You had D-I college recruit Ian Sistare proving that he's as good as advertised and you had Keith Brown battling him tooth and nail during drills. Down low you had a great battle between Luke Rosinski and Dana Bean who went at each other hard and both showed tremendous potential.

Meanwhile, Bryant Holmes hit about 100 3-pointers, Jourdain Bell was a constant threat with the ball in his hands and Bedford had 4 players there, showing they will be a tough team for years to come. In total there were 26 players, and this was our first look at a few of them so it was nice to see some new talent. All of them worked hard and all are players to watch in the coming years, which shows just how deep this class.

The workout was run by Brett Sellingham and Will Flowers. They put the kids through a series of skill drills in the full court and half court as well as game situation drills, positional drills before moving to full court scrimmaging. Here's a closer look at the players who took part in the event, all from the Class of 2016.

Ian Sistare, 6'3", Northfield Mount Hermon - Sistare already holds a scholarship offer from Boston College and has gone on unofficial visits to Duke and Stanford. At this workout he did not disappoint and definitely lived up to the hype. Sistare was a beast out there - physically and skill-wise he's on another level. He has a strong, rugged frame but also has great athleticism, body control and hits his explosion points very well. He attacked the rim hard and went smooth into pull-up jumpers. Sistare was also a menace on defense during drills, pressuring the ball and forcing turnovers. He showed some great dribble drive-drive moves to get in the lane and finish, including a killer spin move and then later a strong up-fake which set him up for a bucket. As much of a bull he was going to the rim, he also hit a step-back 3-pointer with good mechanics and a high release. This kid is the real deal.

Luke Rosinski, 6'7", Kimball Union Academy - this kid has a ton of upside, no question about it. College coaches love bigs who can play above the rim and look to attack the rim and dunk the ball on every catch, and Rosinski fits the mold to a tee. He's still raw skill-wise but is rapidly improving his post up game, dribble-drive moves and finishing ability. He's quick to the rim off the dribble and finishes strong. Rosinski ran the floor and finished well in transition. Rosinski was active on the glass and blocked shots. He also stepped outside, face up from the wing and hit a couple of threes. He showed a new confidence in his outside shot in addition to his already dominant inside game.

Dana Bean, 6'6", Franklin HS - Bean and Rosinski went at each other the whole workout, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Both bigs played their tails off and both are potential scholarship players. What was most impressive about Bean's game was his killer turnaround jumper that he would use out of the low or high post. He has that move down, he hit the shot consistently and with a release that was so high no one could contest it. That move is nearly impossible to defend. He used that move two times in a row on Rosinski then hit the jumpers, and soon after that after Rosinski made a good move to the rim Bean made an even better play on 'D' by blocking the shot. Bean not only hit the turnaround jumper but also attacked the rim hard as well.

Jourdain Bell, 6'0", Lee Academy - Bell continues to show progression in his game, playing at a fast pace and a high level. He was constantly looking to take the ball to the hole and attack the rim, both in the half court and in transition. Bell made a series of strong, athletic finishes inside but also stepped outside and drilled a number of outside jumpers. During the scrimmage he pulled up on the break from 18 feet and hit the jumper, and then on the next trip down went coast-to-coast, slashing through the entire defense before finishing in traffic. Bell was always looking to attack and keep pressure on the defense, and on 'D' he was pressuring the basketball. He's a point guard but can also play near the rim as he got up high on tip-ins. One of the highlights of the event was Bell's ankle-breaking double-crossover move which got him to the rim for 2.

Bryant Holmes, 6'0", Exeter HS - this kid was simply unconscious, the best shooter in the gym and it's not even close. He was on fire from beyond the arc throughout the workout, hitting shots in bunches from all over the floor, off the catch or off the dribble. He has a quick release, good form and squares up to the hoop on every catch. Holmes shot the lights out, but also showed the ability to take his man off the dribble and attack the rim, at one point making a great spin move into the lane before finishing strong for 2. Then right after making that bucket he grabbed a steal on the press. Later on he hit another 3 before again driving strong to the rim for 2 more on the next trip down the floor.

Keith Brown, 6'1", Pelham HS - what we were impressed with most about Brown at this workout was when the players were being paired off for the 1 v 1 drills, Brown went over to Sistare and said, "I've got him". He wanted that challenge, and took that challenge head on. Sistare is one of the top 5 guards in all of New England for this class, but Brown more than held his on in there against him. He stripped the ball a couple times and blocked him another. Brown also showed a smooth release on his outside shot and overall a solid inside/outside game. He consistently made smart basketball plays, not trying to do too much, and whether it was making the extra pass, setting good screens or moving well without the ball he does the little things well.

Monytung Maker, 6'4", Manchester West - after a breakout performance at the AAU State Tournament, Maker kept it going at this workout, showing flashes of brilliance with his length, athleticism and high level plays. He was quick off the dribble and went hard to the rim, stepped outside and drilled the 3-pointer with a high release and battled Bean inside and blocked his shot. Later he made another block, this time getting up high at the rim to block a dunk attempt by Bell. Then on the next trip down the floor he put the ball through his legs before hitting a step-back 3. Then he crashed the offensive glass before taking his man off the dribble and hitting a tough floater. Maker is an intriguing prospect who is still raw but is rapidly getting better and has a high upside.

Jack Zimmerman, 6'0", Bishop Guertin - Zimmerman didn't necessarily stand out with highlight reel plays, he just went out there, played smart, efficient basketball, made good decisions with the ball, played hard and showed good toughness and fundamentals. He's a pure point guard who looks to distribute the basketball but also hit shots from the outside if left open with good form and a high release. He was also one of the better defenders in the gym, and at one point made a nice steal before driving strong to the rim for 2 and later blew by a defender off the dribble for a strong finish.

Zach Bergeon, 6'4", New Hampton School - Bergeon player with good size for the wing position. He can post up smaller defenders, and if you put a big on him he's quick enough to take them off the dribble and get to the rim. Bergeon made a series of strong dribble-drive moves and strong takes to the rim. He had some trouble finishing inside early on but got better as the workout went on. He showed a dangerous face-up game from the perimeter, not only taking his man off the dribble and hitting shots but also making some high level passes to set up teammates for scores. He also wasn't afraid to go up and challenge Bean at the rim.

Connor Walsh, 6'1", Trinity HS - he's got the strength and wide frame to muscle people down low, and he's got the quickness and skill to take his man off the dribble with some tough dribble-dribble drives moves and finishes inside. He had some crafty moves off the bounce, using an array of up-fakes, hesitation dribbles and reverse layups. He's also got the ability to stick the outside shot, which he made a couple times with a smooth catch-and-shoot release. Walsh finished inside through contact. He's one of those kids who just loves the game, loves to compete and never seems to get tired.

Jonathin Makori, 5'10", Manchester Central - Makori keeps on getting better and making high level plays with the basketball in his hands. Combine that with Central losing its 3 best guards and he could be in for a breakout junior season. He can really handle the basketball, even when being pressured hard, was paired up with Bell during 1 v 1 drills and more than held his own. Makori hit step-back 3's, showed a killer crossover dribble into a smooth finger roll and finished strong inside on a baseline drive. Later he hit a tough step-back jumper with a hand right in his face. This athletic combo-guard guard just keeps getting better.

Josh Degrenier, 5'11", Conant HS - Degrenier was the best shooter in the gym other than Holmes. He went out there, competed with the guys from the bigger schools and proved that he belonged on the court with the other top players in the class. Degrenier has the quickness and the handle to play the 1 and the scoring ability to play the 2. He showed good rhythm and balance on jumpers in the mid-range area or from beyond the arc, off the bounce or off the catch. Degrenier also showed a quick first step when taking it to the rim and hit some tough leaners.

Issaiah Chappell, 5'10", Sunapee HS - Chappell is an athletic combo-guard who once again showed that he's one of the more explosive and elusive players in the area with the basketball in his hands. He's quick off the dribble, showed a smooth release when shooting off the catch, and also took it strong to the rim, even when met by much bigger defenders. He hit a number of 3's off the catch and also showed great explosiveness on takes to the rim in transition.

Austin Whaley, 6'1", Lebanon HS - Whaley is a wing player with a good combination of strength, athleticism and skill than most other players in this class. He could actually look for his shot more and be more assertive, since sometimes he's too unselfish but he definitely does have the ability to score the basketball whether on strong drives to the rim or on smooth pull-up jumpers. Whaley showed good balance on jumpers, played tough defense throughout the workout and ran the floor and finished on the break.

Matt Rizzo, 6'1", Pinkerton Academy - Rizzo is a quick, athletic kid who can play the 1 of the 2. He sees the floor well and plays unselfish, always looking to set teammates up for shots. Rizzo also showed good form and balance on pull-up jumpers and hit explosion points well when attacking the rim coming off curls.

Malo Roumraj, 6'0", Manchester Memorial - another one of those kids who might fly under the radar because he doesn't make the flashy plays, but Roumraj is definitely a player to watch. Other guys might take more shots, but Roumraj has a well rounded game and affects the game in more ways than just scoring. He rebounds well for a guard, makes the extra pass and hustles for loose balls. Roumraj uses his athleticism to slash to the rim and can either finish inside or hit the floater in the labne, and also hit 3's off the catch with a smooth release.

Tim Comeau, 6'2", Goffstown HS - a big, strong kid who muscles his way into the post for rebounds buckets. Comeau was active in the paint and showed good instincts when crashing the boards. He set good screens, and did a nice job of rolling to the rim after, finishing strong on a couple of nicely executed screen-and-roll plays.

James Santos, 6'1", Trinity HS - this was our first look at Santos and we definitely came away impressed. During all drills and scrimmages he held his own, playing fearless and showing confidence in his outside shot, which he hit with regularity. Not only was he money from beyond the arc, Santos also showed grit and toughness by battling inside on the offensive glass.

Will Petersen, 6'1", Hollis-Brookline - another player we hadn't seen much prior to this event but came away impressed with. Petersen got into more of a rhythm as the workout went on by moving well without the ball, finding the soft spots in the defense and burying shots off the catch from the outside. He also made some nice passes to teammates fr layups, which is always nice to see with most players looking for their own shot.

Brayden Moreno, 5'10", Bedford HS - you can tell Moreno is a coach's son, because he has a high basketball I.Q., always seems to make the right basketball play and always gives that extra effort. At one point he really pressured the ball hard, forced a turnover by knocking the ball loose and then dove to the floor for the loose ball.

Jared Gott, 6'2", Salem HS - Gott is a wing player with the ability to stretch the defense with his outside shooting prowess. He hit shots off the catch, and later in 1 v 1 drills he read the defender well by sticking the jumper in his eye once the defender backed off.

Josh Koehler, 6'3", Bedford HS - Koehler is an athletic wing with good length out on the perimeter and made some good dribble-drive moves and finishes. A good slasher from the wing, and was tough to guard in 1 v 1 drills. Koehler played hard and played tough defense.

Brennan Morris, 6'3", Pinkerton Academy - with good size and a high release, Morris was able to get his shot off over just about anybody, and he is lethal from the outside if left open. He spaced the floor well, stretched the defense and hit jumpers off the catch with solid form.

Ryan Murdoch, 5'8", Fall Mountain Regional HS - a tough kid who despite his size was not afraid to go in the paint and scrap for loose balls and rebounds. He also showed confidence in his jumper, hitting shots off the catch in the mid-range area and from the outside, even later in the workout when most of the kids were tiring.

Justin Hayes, 5'7", Bedford HS - Hayes was one of the quickest players in the gym, both in terms of lateral quickness in short bursts as well as end-to-end speed. Hayes pressured the basketball on 'D' and took it hard to the rim on offense, but always looked to find the open man first.

Ryan Hughes, 5'11", Bedford HS - Hughes is a quick 2-guard who made some strong takes and finishes inside while also stepping outside and hitting the 3 off the catch. He has strong fundamentals and a good feel for the game.

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