Thursday, October 23, 2014

ESPN NH Friday Night Lights Football Poll - Week 8

Here's how I voted in this week's ESPN NH Friday Night Lights football poll.

1. Pinkerton
2. Bedford
3. Salem
4. Londonderry
5. Windham
6. Manchester Memorial
7. Concord
8. Exeter
9. Portsmouth
10. Kennett

A few notes...
Again, I have Pinkerton barely ahead of Bedford. It's just because Bedford had another close win last week (needing OT to beat Concord), while Pinkerton has won by 3 or more TDs every game and the only close win they had (over Salem) came when their most explosive player TJ Urbanik got hurt and was limited to just 8 yards on 3 carries.

Salem and Londonderry are a tossup for the #3 spot. Again, we won't know for sure who's better until they square off on Halloween. It's scary to think one of them will be left out of the playoffs (get it?).

Teams 5 through 10 are all pretty even. I mean seriously, I'm not sold that Windham is 5 spots better than Kennett. After all they are both in D-II and both undefeated. I was waiting for Kennett to beat a team above .500 before putting them on my ballot. Not only did they beat Lebanon last weekend but they won it easily. That combined with Goffstown falling to Central means Kennett is definitely deserving of the spot.

Teams 6 through 9 are all pretty even as well. Portsmouth has more injuries than the other teams in that group and they lost to Exeter by 2 scores so I have them at #9. Exeter lost by 2 TDs to a now unranked Goffstown team so I have them a little lower at #8. And then you have Memorial and Concord both at 5-2, but Memorial beat Concord so they get the #6 spot. Yes, Memorial lost to Bedford 41-7 whereas Concord took the Bulldogs to OT, but the Memorial/Bedford game was WAY back in week 1, and was played before the Crusaders made the switch to Isaac Velez at QB. At any rate, we should definitely have a better idea of where these 4 teams stand after Friday night, since you have Exeter vs. Memorial and Portsmouth vs. Concord.

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