Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ESPN NH's Friday Night Lights Football Poll - Week 7

Here's this week's top 10 NHIAA football teams regardless of division, as voted on by the members of ESPN New Hampshire's Friday Night Lights staff.

1. Pinkerton
2. Bedford
3. Salem
4. Londonderry
t-5. Concord
t-5. Windham
7. Portsmouth
8. Exeter
9. Alvirne
10. Memorial

Also receiving votes:
Goffstown, Bow, Kennett, Nashua South

Here's what my ballot looked like...
1. Pinkerton
2. Bedford
3. Salem
4. Londonderry
5. Windham
6. Manchester Memorial
7. Concord
8. Exeter
9. Portsmouth
10. Goffstown

A few thoughts with regards to my ballot...
-Why do I have Pinkerton back at #1 over Bedford? Let's be honest here, people. Until one of them loses, an argument can certainly be made for either Bedford or Pinkerton as the #1 team (just like until Salem or Londonderry loses a second time they both can lay claim to the #3 spot, since they both lost to the same team and have beat everyone else). Some people are even penciling Bedford and Pinkerton in already for the D-I title game, although I think that may be premature. But I have Pinkerton back in the #1 spot on my ballot because Bedford's last 2 wins have been very close, and they just barely won these past couple weeks. Pinkerton meanwhile has only had 1 win all season why went down to the wire. That was their win over Salem, and I'm pretty sure they would have won by more than 1 TD that game, but star RB/DB TJ Urbanik left the game after just 1 series where he had just 8 yards on 3 carries with a back injury.

-The top 5 seems pretty straight forward. Why did I rank the teams in spots 6 through 10 in that order?
6. Memorial - I went into detail already last week as to why I have them ranked ahead of Concord. No need to rehash it. Bottom line, Memorial won again last week, so I still have them ahead of Concord.

7. Concord - an easy pick for this spot. I definitely can't justify putting Concord any lower than this, considering they've only lost 1 game, that loss was only by 1 point and it came against Memorial who I have one spot higher at #6.

8. Exeter - pretty simple logic here. Exeter and Portsmouth both have the same record, Exeter beat Portsmouth in their head to head match up, by 2 scores so the Blue Hawks are ranked higher.

9. Portsmouth - the Clippers are 1 spot ahead of Goffstown, a team Portsmouth has a better record than and beat head-to-head.

10. Goffstown - Even with 3 losses I still see Goffstown as a top 10 team. They've played a very tough schedule and beat Exeter by 2 touchdowns. The Grizzlies belong in here.

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