Friday, November 7, 2014

ESPN NH Friday Night Lights Football Poll - End of Regular Season

Here's how I voted in this week's ESPN NH Friday Night Lights football poll.

1. Pinkerton
2. Bedford
3. Londonderry
4. Salem
5. Windham
6. Exeter
7. Kennett
8. Concord
9. Portsmouth
10. Goffstown

Briefly why I voted that way...

1. Pinkerton - it's a tossup with them and Bedford for #1. Obviously both can make a case right now for the top spot. The playoffs begin tomorrow and that will decide who is truly #1. Only reason I still have Pinkerton ahead is due to margin of victory, with Bedofrd have 3 straight close wins late in year while Pinkerton only had 1 win by 1 score.

2. Bedford - see Pinkerton

3. Londonderry - easy choice for the #3 spot. The winner of last Friday's Salem/Londonderry game would be the #3 team and that was Londonderry.

4. Salem - only 2 losses were to Pinkerton (by 1 score in the final seconds) and to Londonderry (by 1 score in final seconds). Clearly this is a top 4 team in the state.

5. Windham - Windham and Kennett both went unbeaten in D-II, but I have Windham slightly higher due to a slightly stronger schedule.

6. Kennett - see Windham

7. Exeter - I have Windham and Kennett ahead of Exeter since the Blue Hawks lost by 2 scores to a 4 loss Goffstown team.

8. Concord - Exeter has better record and just beat Concord. So Exeter belongs ahead of Concord, but Concord did beat Portsmouth so Concord is ahead of Portsmouth.

9. Portsmouth - pretty straight forward here. They lost to Concord so they're behind them but they beat Goffstown so they're ahead of them. Clippers will shoot for the upset vs. Exeter tomorrow, but health of players like Justis Mattis-Clark, Joey Auger and Mikel Toar will be key.

10. Goffstown - Goffstown gets the slight nod over Memorial, St. Thomas and Bow. They played a tougher schedule, week in and week out than STA and Bow. And Goffstown just beat Memorial head to head. PLus Goffstown beat Exeter by 2 TDs.

Playoffs are here, good luck to all of the teams!

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