Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yarmo & Palmer Added to Football 2016 Prospect Rankings list

Last week we posted our breakdown of the NH's top football recruits from the Class of 2016. In case you missed it, here's the link: http://www.nhnotebook.com/2015/08/nh-notebook-football-prospect-rankings.html

Although the process of reviewing Hudl tapes and evaluating players took quite some time, we did overlook a couple of players. So we wanted to recognize those two players - Brycen Yarmo, a TE who is doing a PG year at Phillips Exeter and Jacob Palmer, an o-lineman who is a senior at the Governor's Academy. Both are potential scholarship recruits. Here's a closer look at each.

Brycen Yarmo, TE, 6'5" 245, 4.90 40 time, 375 lbs. bench press, Phillips Exeter Academy (from Hudson, NH)
Yarmo played high school ball at Alvirne, doing a post-grad year at Phillips Exeter. Has college ready size for the TE position at 6'5" and 245 lbs. Excellent strength with ability to bench 375 lbs. Very quick and and agile for a kid his size. Whether he'd blocking people or going downfield on a route he really runs with a head of steam and goes hard on every play. A tough, physical kid who can block the heck of out people and as a receiver can take a hit and still hold onto the ball. With his size and strength, very tough for just one defender to bring him down after he makes a catch. Finishes blocks well, often leveling opposing defender to the ground. Made 18 catches with just 1 drop last season and led team in special teams tackles. Has very good hands. Yarmo been offered a scholarship by D-II Bentley but hopes to play D-I.

Jacob Palmer, OL/DL, 6'3" 275, 5.31 40 time, 340 lbs. bench press, Governor's Academy (From Hampton, NH)
holds blocks well and has good technique. Has been going up against tougher competition and bigger opposing lineman while playing for Governor's Academy. Projects well as an o-lineman at the next level. Even when matched up with bigger d-lineman, Palmer is still able to not only hold his ground but often times pushing right through them to open up holes for the running game. Has a knack for recognizing defenses and picking up his blocking assignment right off the snap. By watching his junior year highlight video it's clear that Palmer flat out knows how to block people and clear the way for the running game or for the pass. He makes solid block after solid block, despite routinely going up against kids who are either just as big or bigger than him. And he's a pretty big kid himself. Definitely a potential scholarship player. Palmer is being recruited by schools like UNH, URI, Princeton and Holy Cross.

To see the updated list of top prospects from the Class of 2016, click here: http://www.nhnotebook.com/2009/09/football-prospect-rankings-class-of-2016.html


  1. Why is Zachary Lansing (OL/DL) of Central not ranked? The kid is a physical monster. 6'3", 300lbs, leg presses around 1000lbs and bench presses 400lbs.

  2. Zach should be ranked. Look him up on YouTube. Zachary Lansing. Bunch of videos of m from 6th grade through high school. He benches 410lbs, squats 600lbs and leg presses over a thousand. He has video of him doing these at the executive health club in Manchester and golds gym. Here are just SOME of the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jbCTHxxeTv0