Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hill to Play College Ball at Clarkson

Ashley Hill of Trinity High is a good kid and a good player. She is a hard worker, a four-year varsity player and a 4.0 GPA student. Hill has recently committed to Clarkson University, where she will attend school and play basketball.

"I was considering Clarkson University, along with Norwich University and Suffolk University, all of which I was recruited to play basketball at" Hill told the NH Notebook. "I did an overnight at both Suffolk and Clarkson, and they became my top two. Suffolk was in a really neat location, being right in the heart of Boston. However, Clarkson had the true college campus feel to it, whereas it has its own space and had a little college town of its own, being within twenty minutes of four other colleges. I want to pursue a career in physical therapy, and Clarkson is well known for its program. Suffolk had biology, but I would have to transfer out after my 4 years to get into a college with a grad program of physical therapy, which can be difficult to get into. When I visited both colleges, the coaches were all very nice and accommodating. At Clarkson I got to spend the night with the whole team after their game and go out to dinner. The girls were very friendly and I was already excited to get to know each of them further. Doing that overnight gave me a really good feeling about Clarkson, and after watching their game I felt like I could really make an impact. I could see myself playing with them and fitting in on the team. I had fun at the Suffolk overnight and going around Boston, even to Faneuil Hall, but I didn’t get the same feeling I did when I went to Clarkson."

Coaching also played a role in Hill's decision.

"The Clarkson coaches, Maureen Webster and the assistant coach Brooke Butkovsky, also showed commitment and that they were really interested in me" said Hill, a 5-foot-6 point guard. "They kept in contact with me and came to some of my high school games, which they drove 5 hours to come and watch!"

Hill is a point guard who can also play the 2. She has a strong all-around skill set. Hill can knock down the outside shot, and also had effective dribble-drive moves to the rim. She should be a regular contributor to the Clarkson backcourt.

"I feel I will fit in really nicely with all the girls on Clarkson’s team" Hill continued. "They were all very friendly and welcoming when I visited, and they made me excited to have the chance to be with such a cool group of girls. This upcoming year I think my role will be to be a hustle player, and play tough defense. I don’t think I will be relied on for scoring, but I should be able to make the shots when given the opportunity. My role will also be to help get the ball up the court under pressure."

Hill has been playing basketball for a long time, and all of her hard work has paid off.

"I think the highlight of my basketball career is just getting better and improving every year" Hill pointed out. "Seeing from where I started to where I am now is incredible, and shows that hard work really does pay off. When I was younger I never imagined having the capability to play at a high level. I’m glad I got to play against tough competition in division 1 with Trinity. It has really helped me prepare for the years to come. Playing against tough competition helped me to play at a fast pace, make quick decisions, and work hard to compete. I have made so many great friends playing basketball and it was awesome to see them on the court and compete with and against them over the last few years. Thank you so much for all the great basketball memories we shared together."

There have been many coaches who have helped Hill get to where she is today.

"A few coaches I have had over the years really helped me improve my game" Hill concluded. "My first pivotal coach was Gordon Beliveau. He asked me to play on his AAU team the summer before 6th grade, and without him, I don’t think I would have continued playing and developed the love for the game that I have now. He helped me to get confidence in my play and my shooting, and I am very thankful for him. Kent Coffey was a coach I had for travel teams and AAU for many, many years. Every practice we would start by getting music going and working on our ball handling and finishing at the rim. He taught me many moves and pushed me to do my best. He believed in me until the very end. Recently, I played for Dustin Freeman on the NH Elite for AAU. He pushed me in practice and in games to do my very best. Without him, and the tournaments we went to this past summer, I may not have been recruited for basketball in college at all. He got me where I needed to be and all the while helped me to improve as an individual player, and team player. I am very thankful for all my coaches over the years for working with me and helping me to become the basketball player, and woman, I am today."

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