Sunday, August 14, 2016

Graham is the Most Clutch Shooter in the NHIAA

Cody Graham's Twitter handle is @codyclutch23 and he lives up to it. Graham led Portsmouth to an undefeated D-II state title this past season as a sophomore. He has continued to light it up on the AAU circuit, running with the NH Spartans, coached by Chris Coates and Lewis Atkins.

Check out this video. It's from the Adidas Uprising Tournament. NH Spartans vs. Empire Basketball, a team from California. It was a tight battle. Graham hits not one but two HUGE three-pointers in overtime to lead the Spartans to the win. Check out the video, at the 5:00 mark is where he hits a three to put the Spartans ahead, and at the 10:00 mark is where Graham drills the game-winning shot from downtown.

Not only is Graham clutch, but you also have got to love the swagger he shows, as he stares back at the opponent's rowdy fan section after hitting both shots. He's tough, fearless and confident. He's a fun player to watch.

Oh yeah, and Graham isn't just a shooter. Take a look at the great pass he makes at the 23:00 mark of this video, from the 2nd half of the same game.

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