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I began publishing the New Hampshire Notebook in July of 2009 - the journey ends today. I've had a blast covering NH high school sports for the past eight years. So many great memories. Seeing amazing games like Windham beating St. Thomas in the 2014 D-II football final, Bedford beating Keene in the 2012 D-II football semi-finals, Milford's "Big 3" winning back-to-back championships, The Somersworth boys amazing run to the D-III basketball crown in 2011, two amazing title games at UNH to cap the 2014-2015 season (Londonderry beating Pinkerton in D-I and Bishop Brady shocking Portsmouth in D-II). As for best girls games, it's hard to top Souhegan's amazing comeback to beat Lebanon in the 2011 D-II final, BG ending Winnacunnet's winning streak in 2011-2012 and Bedford beating BG in a tremendous final in 2013. Wilton stunning Epping in the closing seconds to win the 2015 D-IV boys basketball title game. I could go on and on about all of the great games.

I've covered and interviewed players like Wenyen Gabriel (Kentucky men's basketball), Rebecca Ripley (Miami women's basketball), Tate Jozokos (North Carolina Lacrosse), Duncan Robinson (Michigan men's basketball), Lindsey Nerbonne (UNH women's field hockey), Joey Maher (New York Yankees minor leagues), Jordan Cote (played minor leagues for New York Yankees), Mike Fransoso (played minor leagues for Pittsburgh Pirates), Tiffany Ruffin (Boston College women's basketball), Aliza Simpson (UNH women's basketball), Katharine Fogarty (UNH women's basketball), Jamie Sherburne (Niagara women's basketball), Kaleb Joseph (Syracuse then Creighton men's basketball), Kaleb Tarczewski (Arizona men's basketball, now playing professionally in Italy), Carson Desrosiers (now playing professionally in Europe after playing college ball at Wake Forest then Providence), Abby Streeter (URI women's basketball), Madison Springfield (Marist women's basketball), Melissa Frase (Lowell women's basketball), Kirsten O'Neil (UNH women's soccer), Gabby Hunter (Dartmouth women's basketball), Ian Sistare (Dartmouth men's basketball), Collin McManus (Penn men's basketball), Mike LeBlanc (Princeton men's basketball), Scott King (Stony Brook men's basketball), Tyler Livingston (Lowell men's basketball), Mike Auger (Penn men's basketball), Libby Underwood (William & Mary women's basketball), Ricky Holt (UNH football), Jake Kennedy (UNH football), Jake Kiley (Penn St. football), Caleb Green (Holy Cross men's basketball), Geo Baker (Rutgers men's basketball) Tshiefu Ngalakulondi (St. Bonaventure men's basketball), Morgan Andrews (USC women's soccer), Amanda Torres (UNH women's basketball), Max Curran (UMBC men's basketball), Luke Rosinski (UNH men's basketball) and the list goes on.

Then there's legendary coaches I have had the pleasure of covering and interviewing. Like Ed Beattie, John Fagula, Tim Kehoe Gary Jenness, Bill Ball, Chuck Lenahan, Brian O'Reilly, Dan Parr and Jim Mulvey.

Beyond the great games, players and coaches I will also remember all of the great people I have met. The players, coaches, parents and fans who have supported the site, said hi or shook my hand at games, sent me e-mails - it let me know that people truly cared about the work I was doing and made it all worth it.

I can't go any further without thanking our sponsors and folks who made donations to the site. A sincere thank you also to Tom Zapora a.k.a. Tuesday & Friday, and Ross Laorenza for their hard work helping cover games. You guys are awesome.

A little over a year ago I took a full-time job in Massachusetts, and also moved to MA. Being further from the action has made it more difficult for me to get around to all of the games I used to cover. Life changes and priorities change. I've now decided to pull the plug on the NH Notebook for good. For the past few years I have covered high school sports on the side, on nights/weekends. As a result not putting enough time and attention into my full-time job. I'm now going 'all in' with my full-time job, as I have really started to become successful in the world of tech sales. I am still blogging, but now it's about cloud computing, new technology, sales and business. You can find my articles by checking out my LinkedIn page (link below).

It's been a great ride these past eight years. But it's time to move on. I hope that when people look back on the NH Notebook, they think of the sheer passion I had for doing this. I like to think I have helped to raise the bar for sports journalism in our state. Part of my mission with the site was to write articles that cut through the BS, took a stand and weren't afraid to ruffle some feathers. The other thing I tried to differently was cover more. I can't count how many events I covered where I was the only reporter there. Whether it was a showcase tournament, an AAU practice, summer league games. I am proud of the fact that we gave a lot more coverage to girls basketball than anywhere else, as well as covered more of the recruiting angles which other media outlets didn't touch as much. My goal was for our coverage to go deeper - and I think we did that.

If you'd like to stay in touch, here's my info:
E-mail: jeremy.leveille@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyleveille/
Twitter: @leveillejeremy

Thank you to all of the readers out there for your support. Best of luck to all of the hard working athletes around the state.

Be well,
Jeremy Leveille

P.S. above all else, remember it's just a game. Parents, chill - you're kid's not going pro. Let the coaches do their job and the officials do theirs. Kids, you only get four years to play high school sports - enjoy it. Play multiple sports. Don't play so many games to the point you get burnt out. Remember that performance in the classroom is more important than performance on the field/court. Work hard, strive to be the best you can be. Remember that even if you're the star player, it's a team game. No one player wins a championship. As good as Jordan Laguerre was in 2008-2009, he had a heck of a team around him. Spend less time texting, on Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter - spend more time working on your game, studying and spending time with family.

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  1. Thanks Jeremy for all your hard work over the years! Your love and passion for NH HS sports really came through in all your articles! I really appreciated and enjoyed the ones you did on Pembroke hoop games in 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons!! All the best to you in your next chapter - Ben Curran